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Intuition & Why You Probably Know Everything You Need To

Following my post on The Science Behind Our Intuition, I planned on my next post being about sharpening your intuition through activities like journalling, meditating, yoga and being in nature - all things that I've written about lots before and that I've experienced the benefits of. And while these are all great ways of introducing more positivity and balance into your daily life, they don't necessarily need to be done to 'improve' your intuition ...because you already know what you need to know. Here is a quote that made me rethink what I wanted to write about in this post:

"Everyone is one hundred percent intuitive about the things they need to know. If there are things that aren't known, it simply reminds you of what doesn't need to be known at this time. While so many beings work diligently on developing their intuition, it is done in an attempt to know more than each moment provides. No matter how crystal clear your intuition becomes, you will never see or know more than is meant to be revealed. In fact, without even working on honing the power of your intuition, you will always know exactly where to go and what to do at the moment you are meant to move. Until further instructions are revealed, intuition is not about imagining all the insights and messages you are missing. It is more so centred in the grace of ever-expanding faith to trust what already knows everything as it blossoms into being"@mattkhan1

Lucy x

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