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How To Boost Your Productivity

Moving at a snail's pace? Here are 5 ways to tackle your tasks head-on, lessen procrastination and remove any blocks that stand between you and your most productive self.

1) A productive day starts the day before

At the end of each day, list all of the tasks you need to do the following day. This allows you to recognise what you've achieved, to release the working day, and to have more clarity around what you need to do when the morning rolls around.

2) Prioritise your tasks first thing in the morning

You can either go through your trusty list that you made the day before and put little asterisks next to the most important tasks or you can rewrite it in priority order. You can even use a highlighter or coloured pens - whatever floats your boat!

3) Be present and don't divide your attention

Multi-tasking is not as cool or savvy as it sounds. In fact, switching between tasks drains energy reserves in our brain, which of course leaves us feeling more tired and impacts the qualit

y of our work. So, pick a task and give it your undivided attention!

4) Identify where you're self-sabotaging

Where are you getting in your own way? Do you have any limiting beliefs that hold you back? Are you procrastinating and slipping into habits that are simply not good for you? Identify how you might be self-sabotaging and remind yourself of your capabilities and achievements.

5) Tackle procrastination

Often, it's not lack of motivation that is at the root of procrastination, but perfectionism. Are you so much of a perfectionist that you don't even want to start any big tasks? Firstly, accept that perfectionism doesn't exist in any of us, which releases any pressure you've placed on yourself to be super-human. Acknowledge that at times you will get it right and other times, you won't - but your self-worth needn't depend on any of these. We can only try our best!

6) Break tasks down

Is there a really daunting task that you feel you don't have the capacity to complete? Make it manageable by breaking it down into steps and taking it from there.

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