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A peek into The Wisdom of the Shamans

When thinking about what to write here, I realised that there was a LOT I wanted to say about psychology, spirituality and related topics. I put together a word document full of ideas and still, I didn't know where to start! What topic should I start with? What would be most useful? It's then I realised that I should share quotes that I've found to be most helpful from the books I've been reading throughout lockdown (I've gotten into the habit of turning the page in the bottom corner to show me where these are).

So, I'm starting off with The Wisdom of the Shamans, by Don Jose Ruiz. It's a book about how ancient wisdom has been passed down through storytelling. The chapters are named in a story-like fashion and are generally made up of an ancient tale and the author's take on how the nuggets of wisdom in the tale are relevant to modern life. Here are five of my favourite quotes, which I hope you'll find useful. If not, this article is only about a 2 minute read so you wouldn't have wasted too much of your life :)

Dropping It and Moving Forward

I think the following words perfectly describe how to move forward and make positive change without being weighed down by the burden of what you, someone else or what your neighbours' friend's cat did. If we hold true the notion that everything happens for a reason, you then become grateful for - or at the very least accepting - of your circumstances.

On Taking Back Your Power

Dependency on outside circumstances is, what I think, breeds misery and suffering. While we're human and subject to excitement, disappointment and so on, if we are firmly rooted in ourselves we are never bothered by anything for too long.

On Seeing Things Through a Clear Lense

If somebody asks you to think of the word 'tree' or 'Netflix', you'll think very different things to the next person. For the former, your mind conjures up an image of what you think a tree looks like and for the latter, probably your favourite series. The point is that we all very much live in very different worlds. Before being consumed by your thoughts, ask yourself 'Are You Sure?'. This technique by Thich Nhat Hanh makes you get out of your own head and see things from another perspective.

On Your Inner State

While moments of misery and happiness come and go, it's in our best interests to always go inward and be aware of how we're feeling and totally accept the feeling being there.

On Intentions

I think on some level, we all believe intentions to be something drastic or impressive. But in my opinion, the simplest of intentions can be the most useful e.g. Today, I'll try to move with more ease and less of a stressy vibe than yesterday.

As you can probably tell, I really recommend this book! In my next post, I'll be sharing my favourite quotes from The Road Less Travelled by M.Scott Peck.

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