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5 Quick Facts About The Brain

It's one of the most complex, interesting, and mysterious parts of the body, so here are five facts about the brain to wrap your head around!

1) It is made up of over 70% water and even being slightly dehydrated can affect your memory, attention, and other important functions. Get drinking that 1-2 litres a day!

2) It cannot feel pain. While the brain interprets feelings of pain sent to it from the body, it doesn't contain any nociceptors (a sensory receptor for painful stimuli). This explains why surgeons can operate on a patient's brain while they are wide awake!

3) It contains 100 billion neurons - the same as the number of stars in the Milky Way!

4) It can generate 23 watts of power, which is the same amount needed to power a lightbulb.

5) Intense stress can alter the structure and performance of the brain. Better habits and mindfulness, however, can have the opposite effect. Click here to read my post on Neuroplasticity and to find out about the brain's ability to change.

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