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3 Weekend Journal Prompts

The weekend signals - surprise surprise - the week's end, and so it's a great time to reflect on the week gone by while also preparing for the upcoming one.

Scroll down for some quick and easy journal prompts that will add some mindfulness into your weekly routine!


What can I release from this past week?

This is a great opportunity to make peace with and release anything heavy from your week - any anxieties, fears, or unpleasant situations. And, if it's something you cannot control, you can choose to let it go and if it's something that you can control, you can have a think about how you can change it.


What are my priorities for this weekend?

Fun? Self-care? Chores? List your priorities so that once the weekend is over, you felt like you spent it wisely - even if it's doing nothing, choose to make doing nothing intentional!


How do I want to feel and what can I do to feel that way?

Similar to the question above, this helps you check in with your emotions and what you can do to amplify the good emotions and tone down the not-so-good ones. It helps you to realise what you need to do less of and more of, to sprinkle some positivity and balance into your weekend and even the week ahead.

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