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4 Morning Habits To Change Your Day

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Everybody has a routine. Even if you feel like you don't, you most likely do - whether your alarm goes off at the same time everyday or you're more of a 'I'll get out of bed when I absolutely have to' kind of person, we all do little things that set us up for the day. As for having a routine that is best for you, however, is a whole other matter!

While I don't have a routine set to a specific time, there are certain things that I enjoy doing and things that I've found to be beneficial, that I try to do before I immerse myself in the day and definitely before I start any work. These are things I don't force myself to do everyday if I don't feel like it as I think routines feel so much better when we're not too rigid with them anyway - going with the flow of how we feel, while still withholding some discipline to maintain our habits is the holy grail!

So, here are parts of my morning - things that I do after I've hydrated and that I'm currently challenging myself to do before I check my phone or emails - that I think will definitely add a spring to your step, even on the days when you feel like you've woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

1) Breathing deep breaths (preferably of morning air!)

There's something about morning air that's just different. Everything is still and there's a certain kind of magic in the air, almost like the slate has been wiped clean for a new day. Taking in a couple of breaths of fresh air - whether that's simply standing in your garden with your tea, going out on a walk or even just being by your window can do so much good. Also, if you're not into yoga mats, candles and meditative music, standing in nature or just being present and noticing your surroundings can be your form of meditation for the day!

2) Stretching

Even if you don't fancy yourself a yogi, a quick stretch can go a long way. On the days when you don't have enough time for a full stretch, just a simple spinal flex (also known as cat-cow), is a great way to wake up the body and get energy moving.

3) Reading

Firstly, I want to say that it's easy to think that you're 'not a reader' or 'too slow at reading' - I think all of us can be readers and maybe even quick readers, once we find the genre that works for us. I find that I'm more likely to breeze through a book if I'm actually enjoying it and finding it interesting - that's usually a book of the self-development/psychology genre (surprise surprise!)

Then, once you've found 'your' genre, setting aside 15-20 minutes in the morning to read can set such a positive tone for your day. My personal preference is light reads - so nothing too heavy or dramatic (these are genres I don't read at any time of day, to be honest!) If you're looking for some motivational and inspirational non-fiction inspo that will slot perfectly into your day, click here for my recent post on morning reads.

4) Writing

Writing is so therapeutic and brings a heap of benefits with it - it doesn't have to be a daily activity, even just a couple of times a week would work well. For example, you can start by journalling on the weekend when you might have more time - it's a good way to release the week that has gone by while also setting intentions for the week ahead. If you're wondering what you can write about, I've written a piece on the different types of journalling and its biological & psychological perks here.

Lucy x

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